Priest & Associates Consulting is committed to
bringing you a consistently high level of service.

We provide the following services:

  • Help with product design to meet Local, National, or Global Fire & Building Code requirements.
  • Write Test Plans to minimize tests for maximum options to be approved.
  • Assist in overseeing test work being performed in any laboratory. The laboratory’s responsibility is to run the test correctly. Ours is to ensure the test is set up to your advantage. Details are often overlooked, which can cause unexpected failures, and we can help guide the project so you have the best chance of meeting the standard’s requirements.
  • Can’t be present for your test? Let us help. We can witness the test and even arrange for real-time video feed if desired.
  • Assistance in determining which code requirements are required of a specific product and end-use.
  • Write Engineering Judgments on fire assemblies for project specific approvals based on specifications or current approved systems.
  • Write Engineering Judgments to extend data for options to your product listings.
  • Guide manufacturers as they export their products to North America, Europe, or the Middle East.