Howard Stacy

Senior Scientist/Partner
Howard Stacy has more than thirty five years of experience encompassing a broad range of fire testing, product development, construction litigation support and 3rd party certification for the building products and construction industries. Most recently Howard served as Vice President and Director of Testing Operations for Western Fire Center (WFCi) from 2003 to 2011, where his responsibilities included the overall direction of commercial fire testing activities involving numerous fire test performance evaluations of a wide variety of walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, doors and windows, room linings, exterior wall and soffit claddings, decking materials, roof coverings, solar panels and furnishings. During his tenure at WFCi, his knowledge of the California wildland urban interface (WUI) code and testing provisions resulted in a preponderance of the product listings published in the in the State Fire Marshal’s WUI Handbook. Prior to joining WFCi, he was General Manager of USA Building Materials Testing Operations for Intertek Testing from 1995 to 2003, with a significant focus on the testing and certification of fire door and window assemblies, wall and floor-ceiling constructions and roof covering assemblies. Prior to that, he was Manager of Fire Testing Services for Southwest Research Institute’s Department of Fire Technology from 1988 to 1995, where he directed hundreds of flamespread and flammability tests, and was responsible for the modernization and operation of the department’s flammability testing facilities, which included the construction of SwRI’s ASTM E84 ‘Steiner Tunnel’. He is also experienced in setting up quality control programs. Howard is well known in the fire test community and is active in the development of fire test methods. He is Chairman of the ASTM E05.14 Task Group, and received the E05 Award of Recognition for the development of standard E2707 Test Method for Determining Fire Penetration of Exterior Wall Assemblies. Howard has been a member of the California State Fire Marshal Wildland Urban Interface Technical Advisory Group since 2004, and led the CSFM Test Standard Working Team responsible for updating the fire test standards referenced in the 2010 California Building Code. He also has been an active participant in standards development and fire testing of solar photovoltaic modules.


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