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Priest and Associates Consulting offers Code Compliance services for new construction, retrofit construction, or existing construction. Code compliance is not simply “Does it meet code?”. Our services include:

  • Building Code Compliance
    • Is it built to code?
    • Which code fits your jurisdiction?
  • Construction Defects
    • Did the contractor install the correct materials?
      • Not all fire caulks are RED!
    • Were the materials installed correctly?
    • Are assemblies properly specified and installed?
  • Claims Analysis and Mitigation
    • Does the claim fit the actual damage?
    • Is the claim justified?
    • What caused the defect (product failure, improper install, etc.)
  • Contract Compliance
    • Did the contractor do what was contracted?
    • Did contractor use inferior materials or workmanship?
  • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Our Engineers have specific areas of expertise.
    • Choose the Engineer with the area of expertise you need.
  • Fire Damage Restoration Survey
    • What was damaged?
    • What needs to be replaced?
    • What replacement materials are needed to still meet code?
  • Insurance Claim Resolution
    • (see Claims Analysis and Mitigation above)
  • Quality of Workmanship
    • Was the product or assembly installed as specified by the manufacturer or code?
    • i.e fastener pattern, horizontal vs vertical orientation of panels, perpendicular gyp board layers for multi-hour construction
    • Was caulk or sealant applied to actually perform the intent?
    • Is joint insulation installed hastily or with intent to protect from fire?
  • Building surveys
    • Are building elements code compliant?
    • Is building design code compliant for egress, smoke abatement, fire endurance, flammability, suppression, etc?
  • Code summaries and code research
    • Which code best matches your product or assembly in your jurisdiction?
    • What parts of the code apply to your product?
    • Is it better to pursue an ESR report or simply test per the code?
  • Equivalencies
    •   Is a product or assembly as installed equivalent to an approved, listed or certified system?

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